Final Journal Entry

The Decoder Ring:

About: Each project Decoder tackles, large or small, is crafted carefully by hand and treated as their definitive creative effort. The result is communication that not only creates culture, but affects the bottom line. The list of folks who have benefited from that shot in the arm includes Leo Burnett Worldwide, Levis Jeans, Toyota Yaris, HBO, Sony BMG & Epic Records, The New York Times, South By Southwest, Modest Mouse, Dave Matthews Band, Erykah Badu and Wilco.

Why I Chose It: The Decoder Ring is responsible for the branding and advertising of a lot of my favorite artists, including The Hold Steady, Modest Mouse, and Built To Spill. They are also located in Austin, TX, my favorite city and future-dream-place-to-live. Their work is very simple, understated, with a hand-crafted look, and uses a lot of texturing and effects to give it a vintage feel, an aesthetic I’d like to employ in future projects.

Moxie Sozo:

About: A brand is many things. It is a living, growing, evolving organism that has personality, values and a unique identity. It is also the collective experience of consumers in relationship to your company. Strong brands are cultivated slowly and with care. Brand development is more than just a logo or a tagline: it is the consistent, impactful use of many elements working in unison to distinguish your company from the competition. Whether developing a name, website, packaging or an advertising campaign, Moxie Sozo has helped build highly distinctive and memorable brands.

Why I Chose It: Moxie Sozo’s work employs a lot of meticulous illustration details and collages that fit together to make these lavish, flowing, organic looking designs. Since I like to do a lot of meticulous, intricate illustrations myself, Moxie Sozo is one of many companies I would like to work for some day.


About: In a crowded marketplace, people gravitate emotionally toward companies and products that project a distinctive style… We constantly look for new ways to move our clients forward by applying design to identify and strengthen their niche and unique personality.

Why I Chose It: I think Turnstyle’s mission statement puts, very succinctly, what the goal of all branding design firms should be: Distinguishing a product in a heavily crowded market by selling the product’s unique personality as its strongest suit.


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