Journal Entry #6

Dansu: Kiss

This ad for Dansu production design draws on humor, depicting Stalin and Churchill, two opposed world leaders representing vastly different ideologies, kissing. The copy says “capitalist quality meets communist price,” explaining the depiction of the unlikely romance in an intellectually satisfying humorous way.

DLKWlowe: Smoke

This ad encourages people with elderly and forgetful relatives to seek counseling on dementia by playing on fear and familial concern. It implies that forgetting a person’s name can be a slippery slope towards burning the house down, and shows an elderly man looking like he’s trying to remember something super-imposed over a smokey frying pan that’s been left on.

Staff: Rainforest Protection

This ad plays on fear and concern for our own livelihood by insinuating that the more resources (in this case rainforest trees) we consume, the more advanced our civilization becomes, but the closer we get towards wiping ourselves out (the tree falling and crushing civilization being the metaphor for that).


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