Journal #5

  1. I’ve learned that the marketing industry is becoming both more desperate AND more laser-like in their targeting as technology improves.
  2. I’ve learned that I find people in the marketing industry insufferable and conniving (though I’d never tell them that to their face).
  3. Personally, I don’t watch Television content with advertisements. Also, not having a lot of disposable income means a lot of advertisements outside of food and drinks don’t really apply to me. Posters for clothes and food and drinks don’t bother me so much since the product is in close proximity and conveniently fits with my plans. I’ve never made plans though to go out of my way for a chain restaurant. If one’s in close proximity, though, I don’t mind it.
  4. I think as technology and information access improves, the fact that people are becoming more self-aware and conscious of  the advertising industry sort of cancels out the effect of an increase in advertising.
  5. I can’t say there are any particular brands I “Love,” since that sounds stupid. There are some stores local to me that I’m fond of, though.
  6. Maybe they’re uneducated about the effects and industry of advertising, or they’re ignorant as consumers. You can’t really fault anyone for that, though. Why would you go seeking that information if you don’t know it exists?

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