Journal #4

Designer Spotlight: Turnstyle 

Turnstyle is a Seattle-based design start-up that produces work for minimalist advertising and branding campaigns. Their mission statement neatly summarizes their unique approach to branding:

In a crowded marketplace, people gravitate emotionally toward companies and products that project a distinctive style… We constantly look for new ways to move our clients forward by applying design to identify and strengthen their niche and unique personality.

While most of the bigger corporations like to play it safe when it comes to branding, using a lot of copy-cat homogenized design, the designers at Turnstyle realize uniqueness and distinct personality are ways unknown brands can stand out and make a name for themselves. Their minimalist branding design of ____soda makes it pop out among less distinctive brands, giving it a personality people feel they can connect with.

Even their minimalist design for a Haiti relief fund poster puts a more present, distinct face on charity, which is often treated with a cliched sanctimoniousness that can be an emotional turn-off for many.

Designer Spotlight: Benjamin Dooling

Benjamin Dooling is a packaging designer that tends towards an understated connection between physical design and visual design. Rather than creating simply a visual concept, Dooling considers how visual concepts interact with handling a physical product in a satisfying way.

As the above examples indicate, Dooling considers packaging design beyond just the content of a label and looks instead at how the visual design interacts with the physical space of the package.








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