Journal Entry #3

Sucker for Socker by Zoran Lucic:

This poster from Zoran Lucic’s “Sucker for Soccer” series makes good use of proportion in its design in order to be both visually pleasing and to draw our eye downwards from the “Denis Law” title to the illustrated figure. The typography creates a flagpole effect that fluidly divides the page into thirds and draws our eye to the left by putting the majority of the content on the lefthand side of the flagpole:

The poster design also loosely follows the Fibonacci sequence of proportion, making a nice visual hierarchy that starts with the typography and ends with the illustration:

“Spider & I” Film Poster:

This poster for the “Spider & I” film sequence (whatever that is) found on Julian Montague’s blog creates an unexpected visual hierarchy that draws one’s eye not to the film title, but to to the man’s face in the top left photo on the poster. The poster is arranged by a strict grid dividing the page into thirds vertically and halves horizontally:

Furthermore, the majority of the photos featured on the poster are rigidly symmetrical in their composition:

This allows the asymmetrical Fibonacci-inspired composition of the top left photo to dominate the poster’s arrangement, creating a striking contrast in visual proportion that draws one straight to the man’s eye featured in the photo:

It is in this way that the poster visually prioritizes the promise of drama offered in this photo over all else, including the film title, which takes second stage through dark color choice that does little to stand out against the poster’s black background.


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